Welcome Message from the Vice Chancellor SEGi University2019-05-07T23:46:32+08:00

Welcome Message from the Vice Chancellor SEGi University

I am delighted to welcome you to the “BRTMA-MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON TROPICAL MEDICINE” (BMICTM) with the theme “Eliminating Infectious Diseases Through Research, Innovation and Effective Strategies”.  This International Congress is a joint effort by the Belt and Road Tropical Medicine Alliance (BRTMA) and SEGi University. As a founding member of BRTMA, SEGi University is indeed honored to be given the opportunity to organize and host this important international congress.  This global meeting will assemble doctors, academicians, scientists, researchers, veterinarians, nurses, healthcare professionals and students who are interested in tropical medicine and infectious diseases to participate as presenters to discuss and share their experiences or research work regarding various aspects of major Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Parasitology, Public Health, and Epidemiology, Neglected Tropical Diseases and relevant topics such as disaster management.  We are all acutely aware of the growing crisis associated with tropical infections and diseases.  Thus, it is timely that this congress will enable you to meet and discuss critical issues in this escalating problem.

I sincerely welcome you to this international congress and look forward to your participation and contribution to make it a success.

Professor Dr Patrick Kee
SEGi University